Monday, October 26, 2009

Property in Spain - Los Hidalgos Apartment for Sale

This is an apartment property in Spain in the Los Hidalgos development close to the Duquesa Marina. There is also a commercial centre with shops close by. You are within 10 minutes walking distance to the beach, with a great beach bar available to you just in front of Los Granados Duquesa.

You can also easily walk to the fishing village "El Castillo" with its minute church and really well priced fish restaurants. Whilst strolling around this area it is difficult to comprehend that you are close to the touristy "Marina La Duquesa". You will get a proper snapshot of the feel of a real fishing village.

This apartment has good westerly sea views and is gated and secure, this apartment is priced at what it went on the market for 6 years ago and offers you most things at hand. I would say that if you intend to go to the Duquesa marina in the evenings you would have to drive back or take a taxi.

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